:: nak ikut tak nak, nak ikut tak nak...? ikut suka korang lah! hehee~^_^ ::

May 20, 2011



terima kaseh semua!
.for the birthday wishes~


May 12, 2011

salam semua!


.hello hye!
.cahaya fatiha is testing to blogging again and trying to make a post with no intention.
.yeah, still know how to make a post, how to change font and so forth.
.so, i guess, i'll write many post after this if i have time.

.till then, hugs.and.love from me, cahaya fatiha!

love note: dear mosquitoes, do go and bite the grasshoppers or ants instead of me please, my bloods is getting low. can you?

.to those who miss me, here!


.see, am getting chubby than before right???

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