:: nak ikut tak nak, nak ikut tak nak...? ikut suka korang lah! hehee~^_^ ::

Mar 25, 2009



~this.is.me.like aunt's..hahaaa..;D~
::oh..RM1..?? love.it.or.hate.it..??

sometimes i like it but sometimes i dont. well... i dunno with you guys.. but for me.. it is..

ha! have u ever experienced this situation in your own life..???

well.. glad to say that i did! many times.. you..???
if yes, sep sep then..*clapclapandclap!*

and for those who didnt.. i think you are really lucky but then poor some more.. cause.. it is a nice and great experienced... you will feel really desperate.. cause it is not easy to bear with.. but yet you will still be happy and enjoy it.. only those who have experienced that knows all about it.. kn.. kn.. kn..????

..you will know how strong you are while facing this situation..
..you will know who's your true friend's is..
..you will feel glad and be more apprecietive..
..you will appreciate all other things that you still have..
..you will understand others more and more..
..you will think of GOD even more..

~all in one~


Mar 19, 2009



hurm.. being a long time i didnt update my blog.. i dont have enough time lol.. besides.. i got so many problems these few days.. that makes my mood to write an entry go away from my soul.. hahahaa.. and here.. still i dont know what to write but i have this story.. they are just married.. congrates! heee.. last two days.. after class, i went back with nabilah... *thanx bil coz send me to the town*... wanna go and see my doctor since i'm not well.. but cant.. and then went back with my dad.. n attend this wedding.. my neighbour's daughter got married.. she is my fren too.. and and.. she is my twin.. hahahaa..*our birthday are same* heheee.. but she is older than me.. 4 years.. lalalaa... stop talking nonsense.. hee.. oke.. lets start the story.. on the day.. they were so many peoples who came and celebrating them... it was really great cause.. the theme was green... my favourite colour.. and my beloved haikal and baby*my adik too* had been choosen to be the flower boys.. cute kn kn kn..??? sounds weird.. but it is unic.. hee.. wearing the green baju melayu.. with songkok.. there are so cute..! haish.. and for the foods.. there were many types of food provided.. huhuu.. *udang goreng, sotong goreng, asam pedas, gulai ayam, ikan pari, ikan bakar, and this labu sira and so forth!* bestbest.. i like labu sira damn much! hee.. i want that too on my wedding day.. hahahaaa... and my sister, kak hasnah, zila, and me.. being busy with the wedding.. did these and those.. hahahaa.. tired! but still enjoy helping them.. and the wedding was going really well.. thanx for all... and as for the bride.. *along.. congrates on your wedding with bro am!!!;DD and at night.. lepaklepak time with the bridegroom.. hahaaa.. talking.. laughing.. gossiping.. and most important thing is learning...*about something* kakakaa... and now.. pictures speak!

zila, the bride, and me..
*lollipop itu bestbest*
~doa recitation.. GOD bless the bridegroom~
look at the flower boys.. huhuu..spot my litel bro..
mengipas pengantin dengan tekun..hee...
cute kan kan..??
ha.. this is me, my sis n the flower boys of the day.. my cute litel bro, haikal and baby...
zila n me.. tired.. so take pictures in the room.. hahahaa..
ooppss.. sory along and abg am.. heee.. 'ter' baring..kikikiii..
my sis and my bestie.. zila...
gurls of the day... help these and those... nice la...
selamat pengantin baru along and abg am.. semoga berkekalan hingga ke akhir hayat!!!

and as for me...
i heart love...??
yes i do.. yes i do..
hahahaa..when is my turn...??
wanna know..?? ask my heart...
heart..??? what..?? no...??? oh.. oke.. heartheart single then..

Mar 13, 2009

::♥::mother..why did i grow up..??? i wanna be your little daughter again and again.. or forever... can i...??can la..haish!!!::♥::


hurm... i wanna be my mother's cute little daughter again.. i wish that i could.. cause.. being a child is the best part after all.. cause.. small kids doesn't have any problems to think... can play anything that they want too... huhuu.. wondering about my memories as a cute little girl... my parent always bring my sister, my younger brother, and me.. to the beach.. batu buruk beach.. we always cycling all the way to go there..
*since my dad didnt have a car yet on that time..*
but trust me.. it's an unforgetable memories after all.. and there.. we can play anything that we want... swimming... running.. screaming.. and the best part is playing at the playground... i swear! i always remember that... and until now.. if i go to the beach.. i wanna play there again.. but i cant.. but.. but.. last few days.. i did play at the playground...the new one for me as i remember.. cause the old one had gone...and seriously... it was really happened in my life after a long long time.... playing without thinking that i'm a big big girl now.. not my mother's cute little daughter anymore... but i dont care.. cause i've been waiting so long...
*nak jugak nak jugak!!!;DD*
and there.. i keep playing and playing... lucky me cause on that time there were just a few childrens playing.. hee... and i'd joined them lol...;DD i was really excited to play this *sarang labah-labah* hee.. so.. you know what happened next.. hahaaa... so.. now.. just wanna let the pictures speak and speak!!!! enjoy everyone...
*saya suke amat jadi kanak-kanak... suke suke dan suke*

::at the playground.. wewe..here i come!!!!::
::in in fatiha in..::
go go go!!!
::heee.. i'm in already...::
*guys!!!its fix me..lalalalaa..*
~dont get me jealous~
::aucak!!!wah... bestbest::
::*ngek akdung* nie.. sukesuke::
::nk main ape lagi yerk..??::
~gonna miss this day~
eh.eh fatiha.. its ok fatiha.. you did play like your mother's little daughter again...
*oh.. really..??? heee..oke then.. smilesmile fatiha*

*i love being a kid*
how about you guys..???



About Me Myspace Comments
and so.... i just decided to just be myself!
About Me Myspace Comments

~caiyok fatiha!!!!~

Mar 12, 2009

::dayOut with niSSa aNd haDa::


::8.50 p.m::
~last night~
i'd went out with my old old friends.. hahahaa.. nissa and hada..
*since we'd never spend time together after quite a long time*
haish! so.. we went out last nite..
destination: giant and batu buruk beach..
at giant.. waiting hada buying her thingy and waiting nissa's *secret* coming..
i've walked alone looking for.. errr.. nothing.. kakakakaa...
and then..
everybody are there.. so it's time to feed our belly.. heee..

and then.. 10.45 p.m, still early.. heee.. so we went to batu buruk beach.. and.. stop stop stop.. stare at the playground... there were just a few childrens playing.. so so.. heee... no need to guess what happened next.. cause.. of course i'd go there.. haha... :D
playing like a child with hada.. lalalaa...
*but but trust me there are another group of a matured guys playing too*
huhuuu...and then after that we went back..
in the car..

pictures... speak...
::in the car.. Out we gO!!!::
::giant here we come!!!::
::we are full.. out out::
::batu buruk beach here we come!!!::
*spot me.. heee..*
p/s: just two of us.. cause nissa had been kidnapped by someone.. ;DD:: at the playground::::errr.. blurrr!!!::
*taken by someone*::us us again.. clear!!!::
:: eNjoy!!!backback::

::oN oUr way baCk... cRazycRazyUs!!!!::
::chuBby faces of uS.. can can can right..???::
::3 happy faces of us!!!::
~nissa.. hada.. and me~

*thanx friends!!! i enjoyed last night!!!*
::till we meet again...heee...::

Mar 10, 2009



::cheetah gurls::


..jalilah n I..
::polka dots in the court::
::teslians guys::
::FBK members::
::happy faces of polka polka members after the games::
~nabil.. jalilah.. dinie.. our manager: nur aqidah.. fatiha*me*.. fiq.. and arina raihan~

~hugs and kisses~

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