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Oct 8, 2009

.let me be just me.


.wanna write this because of someone's who's staying in my heart... and my mind at this moment.DIA
.dont know how to start.
.cause it's not related at all. hahahaa.
*big grin*

.kind of really thin.oke.no.let it goes as not so small and not so big. proper i guess.hee.
*still xnak ngaku oke*
.really loves her family.especially mother, father, and haikal.
.oke.loves along and ang too.hurm~ i wish they knew this.
.love friendship more than shopping!.
.oke.fatiha da mencarut.ooopppssssie!mengarut oke.
.oh.mencarut tu ape? heee.. oh! enough!.

.talking about fatiha.
.who is she?.
.happy go lucky girl...?
.well.. true i guess.
.sometimes she looks tough, but actually... she don't..
.sometimes she looks like she's fine.. yeah.. she's truly fine.oh.liar!
.oke.no.it's a lie.
.sometimes she looks happy, yeah. she do oke.
but... sometimes she hates herself when she just have to smile in fake.
.she wish she didnt have to do it.
.she's really sensitive.
.but she's can get deal and have no problem with it.
.just sometimes. cause. sometime she's cannot handle that.
. she likes to make friends.
.oke.friendly. that's it right...?
.talkative when she's in heaven.oh! no. when... she's in love.
.oh.please tell the truth. dont lie. hee..
oke. she's talkative when she's happy... but sometimes she do talk a lot when she's mad and sad.just sometimes.yeah.
.silent is the best way when she thinks she should.
.always make others think that she's oke. that she's happy. that she's just fine.
.she likes to make her friends happy.
.but peoples are not always perfect. well... she's one of them.
.she appreaciates people around her eventhough she know some of them didnt appreciate her.
*she dont mind oke.*
.it's easy to forgive, but to forget, it's hard.
.well, that's her.
.once she hates someone, forever it will be.
.sometimes she just have to say yes to comfort others.
.she didnt get used in using 'no'.
.she hates NO very much.
.sometimes when she's lying, she have her own reasons for that.
.once she loves someone. she'll love it forever.
.but once her heart broken, she will not open and give her heart to a person...until she's truly ready for it. well, of course it's a guy... she's not a lesbian oke.

.do anyone know about her...?
.this girl above.
.love her or not.

.oh! xde kena mengena kan ngan motif paling atas?.
.slap me.slap me.
.sorry, i xnak naik lorry.

nota chenta: why do it comes over me always...? sometimes it's hard to forget... isnt it...?

nota sebenar at the moment: oke.menanti dengan sabar untuk daftar subjek sem depan bersama izzah and yana. haish! bersabar kite kekawan.

8 contengan readers:

fitriah said...

love dat pic. hehe

Anonymous said...

u know what's best for u.. u shouldnt hav listen 2 other people.. n do handle ur PMS good girl.. grow become a beautiful confident girl u always dream 2 be..


cik intan (◡‿◡✿) said...

.i miss this gal :)

Anonymous said...

she loves dat picci tuuuu....


Anonymous said...

thanx.. i'll try my best..


Anonymous said...

::cik intan (◡‿◡✿)::
sis.. she surely miss yuu tooo..


Syahidan said...

huhu..thats u...be urself... epi sokmo k..n gud lux for final...my prayer always urs.. =)

Anonymous said...

i'll... thanx.. gudluck 2u too..


my prayer will always be wit u too...

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