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Apr 1, 2009

::TESL VI life is just getting fun!!!::


oh..before that.. welcome april..
the entry's goes like this..
it's all about the final year student's..
::all TESLIANS part VI::

oh... so fun! ahaks!
wondering... wondering why and why..
"it's getting hot and hotter.."

oh..that's what one of the teslian's said..
guess what..
it is just 49 of us..
but there are so many stories...
day by day... year by year.. or even better.. sem by sem..

::some memorable memories::
::some stupid stupid things::
all in one..
..why why why..
well i guess that's called the experience of college life.. isn't it..??
it's just like colours.. so many colours in life..
colours make the day and life becomes more beautiful..
even there are some colours that looks so dull..
but..it's still colours...
by hook or by crook..
we still have to go through it all...
even it is hard sometimes.. but still we have to put some strength in our self..
if you have a hard time in college life..
be strong..
and as for..
some problems..
some stupid stupid quarrels..
some said that let bygones be bygones..
what goes around comes around..
don't you think so..???

well.. for me.. it is.. but you know.. it is easy to forgive.. but to forget.. oh no! no and NO!!!
and that's my bad!
how about you guys..???
don't know what more to write.. just wanna go through the exciting day alive as the teslians part VI in UDM.. and hear some more stories about us.. just us..
whole lot more will be heard and experienced before the very last day here in UDM..
that's what i think!
..till then..
*heart heart TESL 2006/2009*

12 contengan readers:

zuLL said...

memories piled up. banyaknye memori di UDM

Anonymous said...

oh... mmg banyak!

Hampasnyior said...

memories..... kalo nk cter mau mkn 3 4 mggu bru abih.. neway.. slmt tggl UDM(bajet bleh lain)hehehe

Anonymous said...

ur most welcome..thanx to you too!!

zanetti_be said...

Betul.Tepat sekali.Mmg byk la memorable memory kat sini.nie rase mcm tak sbr je nak melangkah kuar dr u nie.

Anonymous said...

oh.. sep sep... aku pn xsbr nk kuar dri U ni gak..haish!
cptla mase..

yanayeir said...

byk ke memorable memory?
nth la, seciput konfiusss

Anonymous said...

oh..memorable itu mgkin byk bgi guys...
for me just some...

~piNkylixiOuz~ said...

yeah..kenangan terindah..
goOd byE UDM..(bjet dh kuar da..pdhl propa xantr pun ag..huhuk..)

Anonymous said...

hahahahaa... betul3....
gudbye to u...udm...*singing*

lekha said...

lots of memoires here...
happy n sad....
but we are still learning and there are more memories will come...
will miss u guys damn much..

Anonymous said...

::dear lekha::
yup..more memories will comes... sep sep...huhuhuuu..miss u guys damn much much too..

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