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Mar 25, 2009



~this.is.me.like aunt's..hahaaa..;D~
::oh..RM1..?? love.it.or.hate.it..??

sometimes i like it but sometimes i dont. well... i dunno with you guys.. but for me.. it is..

ha! have u ever experienced this situation in your own life..???

well.. glad to say that i did! many times.. you..???
if yes, sep sep then..*clapclapandclap!*

and for those who didnt.. i think you are really lucky but then poor some more.. cause.. it is a nice and great experienced... you will feel really desperate.. cause it is not easy to bear with.. but yet you will still be happy and enjoy it.. only those who have experienced that knows all about it.. kn.. kn.. kn..????

..you will know how strong you are while facing this situation..
..you will know who's your true friend's is..
..you will feel glad and be more apprecietive..
..you will appreciate all other things that you still have..
..you will understand others more and more..
..you will think of GOD even more..

~all in one~


6 contengan readers:

zanetti_be said...

yup.agree.aku alami masalah same gak.student's life.yg mane kite kurang akan dibalas dgn benda lain yang org lain akan kurang pastinya

Anonymous said...

dear zanetti_be..
oh..sep sep.. mmg normal kn..

zuLL said...

bapak saya kaya! tp saya miskin.

Anonymous said...

dear zuLL...
oh.. sy juga begitu..bapak saya ade byk duit..tpi semua duit orang lain..hahahaaa..;DD

Hampasnyior said...

ehem... ade jual eskrimm x sini??? eh.... mane ni???? (muke blur2 kambing)

Anonymous said...

dear hampasnyior...
*aku bingung..berfikir berjenak-jenak..*
hurm....mtk maaf ye dik..askrimm xde..slh tmpt...

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