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Jun 10, 2010



.salam to all~
.just that word come up today~
.pretty good isn't..?

.so many things happens today~
.my aunt starts working.
.my result came up!.
.my adik makes me smile because of something.

.the MOST happy thing is.......
.I hugged my LOVELY and BELOVED MOM after i did my subuh prayer this morning because of 'that'.
.yeah.. to all, it might be a common thing when a children do that, but yeah, in my life i didn't do it often.. but this morning... i did it again.. for this year, it's just my third hugged for HER.
.all i want her to know is.. i LOVE HER,RASIDAH ABDULLAH so much!

nota chenta: love love love!

2 contengan readers:

intanurulfateha (◡‿◡✿) said...

.knp hepi neh syg?
.ade org msuk meminang ke? ;p

Anonymous said...

belom.. huhuu... tpi jiwa makin tenang on dat day~

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