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Nov 22, 2008

holiDay at kB????heeee....


at first... i'm too jealous wit my bEsti.. dey njoy their holiday at kL without me... huuu.. so.. instead of not having holiday wit dem coz of some reasons.. i choose 2 spent 2 days unplanned holiday at kB wit my other bEsti.. zila.. lalalaa... atleast.. i'm in holiday too... hehehe.. actly.. i'm at kb coz attended a wedding wit my fmly.. i dunno whom.. but.. 4sure.. my relatives.. hahaha.. but den.. since zila doesnt hve 'kekasih' 2 accmpnied her.. after her 'independent' day.. ::exam:: so.. i choose 2 stay at kB.. and returned home on saturday.. :today: wit her... p/s : zila is also my neighbour...lalalala... :: huuuu.. da wedding is nice.. so loving couples.. wish dem a hepy lfe 2gther last 4ever.. huu.. and.. guess wut.. i met sum1's.. hahaha.. ~ermmm 2 years xjupe kot.. hahaha... thanx coz meeting me!!! nice seeing u juz now.. lalalaa.. nothing to write anymore... i'm juz hepy enjoying holiday wit dem!!! thanx zila... n u!! pray 4 our journey... ermm... picS??? dont worry.. 2 b updte later... hee...

p/s : post ni ditulis sedikit awl.. lalalaaaa..

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