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Jan 29, 2009

taggeb by dyaN.. * ooohhh.. i like dis one..*



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a bit about me..

  • i'm a really talkative girl.. hepy go-lucky... i didnt often show my real feeling... if i'm sad.. i juz smile in front others.. no one knows unless dey already know me.. *but sometimes i juz cant stop it...*
  • i'm realy manje2.. huhuuuu... quite sensitve... easily 4gve.. but 2 4get... it's hard.. wel.. dat's my bad... :D
  • i love beach damn much!!! wen i feel sad... i often go there.. wen i fil i need 2 think about sumthing.. i go there.. wen i feel stressed, i also go there... coz... it will calm me down.. n i fil released.... huuuu.. but... i also go there if i'm hepy.. coz.. i wanna share my filing wit da beach!!!! :D
  • i alwiz think of others first b4 me...
  • i like counting stars in da sky.. i like looking at dem evrynite.. it's cheer me up.. * n u know wut..sometimes.. stars can understand our filing... trust me..:D *
  • i love my parent n my cute litel bro damn much compared den my sis n my bro..
  • i like taking pictures... but.. i didnt have my own camera yet.. hehehe..:D hop dat i'll hve 1 oneday... sooner is beter.. hehehee... *gedik je*
  • i'm alwiz sick... so many health probs.. gastrik, angin, asthma, migrain, blablablablaaa... haish...:(
  • i love to cry... *alwiz cry even a small matter.. but i cry on my bed... wit juz me..* n evrynite i'll not miss it!
  • i'm a loyal gurl... wen i'm in love... :D *now..i'm single n available.. kikikiii.. :D ~gedik tu..*
  • i love arts!!! hehehee..
  • it's hard 4me to 4get my love.. but now.. i'm ok... still *underconsruction* kakakakaaaa...:D
  • i like twin... n i hop.. dat i'll hve a pair...or more, more, n more wen i get married.. hehehee...:D
  • i like doing housework wen nobody's home... weird kn..kn..kn..??? :D
  • i'm realy really realy damn friendly... ngn mkcik2.. atuk2.. nnek2.. uncle2.. baby2.. all la.. n even cat..kikiiii....*alah ngn cat..tpi cute la die..*
  • i love friendship more n more n more n more.... dat's y i like to make friends.. but not guys.. huuhuuuuu.... i dont trust anyone easily... :D


2 contengan readers:

.dyanza.maya. said...

wahh lekas ye
sayang kamu reply
hee tq tq ;)

Anonymous said...

ur welcome..:D
hehehee..i like it lah laling...!!!

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