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Jan 31, 2009

back to campus again...!!!


packing 2 go back 2 da hostel.. aaaa... assgnments to do.. project paper.. meeting... classes.. n many more work are waiting 4me... huhuuu... tired!
wake up fatiha!!! it's not gud 2 say tired on da way to do things.. huhuu...

hurm... but u know wut.. i feel relief a bit coz i've setel my upu things b4 i wanna go back...
*wanna post it dis evening.. right after dis.. b4 go back 2 da hostel.. pray da success..*
now.. waiting 4 my parent to take me there... dey r all going out to nowhere.. hehehe.. nope.. actlly i dunno where dey go.. hahahaa.. neway.. hop dat dey'll come back earlier..
hah! actlly i wanna post an entri about my nnek, aunt,n uncle who'd come here dis last few days.. but i cant upload da pici2.. so i hve no mood to write anything about it.. huhuhuu..:( juz one thing.. hahahaa.. i'd went to TTi a.k.a Taman Tamadun Islam... fil really excited when i'm there..
*teruja gile kakakaaa.. :D nme je duk Terengganu.. but frst time peg tu.. heee.. wit my fmly...*
there are many monumen of da mosque all over da world... chantek!!! hehehee..
too many to tell here plak! enough.. tired.. not enuf time la.. packing xhbis agi.. heheee...
ok la.. till here.. papai..

2 contengan readers:

.dyanza.maya. said...

i'll be miss you ! ;)
stdy leklok taw ~

::cHeNta_tiEha:: said...

uits.. thanx...
same goes to u too..

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