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Jan 23, 2009

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What if your ex said these to you?

1.hi how are you?
~ well..alhamdullillah..i'm fine..alwiz...:)

2.hey!you want to go to mall?
~ mall...???i guess nope wit u..

3.i love you
~ sorry..???u love me...??? thanx..but i cant love u back...

4.do u want some cookies?
~ thanx.. i would love some..

5.can you take me a picture?
~ a pic of u..?? sure.. can...

6.help me in my homework
~ ur homework..???can help.. but u have to do it urself..

7.here's my gift to you
~ 4 me..??? how sweet..thanx..

8.let's just be textmates
~ okay...!!!:D

9.do you want me to buy you an ipod?
~ no thanx..

10.let's sit together in the bus
~ wit u..??? no thanx.. i'll sit wit my future love..

11.hi baby!
~ i'm not ur baby anymore...

12.you still cute
~ well... i'm realy r from b4....:D

13.i still love you
~ stop talking nonsense.. wel.. glad 2 say dat i dont love u anymore..

14.can i visit your house?
~ yes.. will alwiz open 2 my fren..

15.do you love me?
~ wanna me 2 mention it again..??? ok.. not anymore... :D

~ s.m.o.g
~ am

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