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Jul 14, 2011



salam readers~

it seems like i ignored this blog too long~

staying at home, enjoying each moment with the family and besties is great!
but then, sometimes it is just like something do bother me a lot this few days.
.macam la ko kena ganggu dengan gangster.

so guys, can you guess what is the thing that bother me a lot here in my heaven house..???


hahahaaa, actually, i do feel that i am not growing bigger and chubby as i thought when i am at UPM before.
"nanti balik umah aku mesti makin gemok makan banyak-banyak bangun tidur bangun makan."
seriously guys, I AM NOT!

.just now, am standing in front of the mirror, looking at the image of this one cute and chubby skinny girl,
.then am wondering who is this cute and chubby skinny girl.
a few seconds later, i noticed that girl is ME. yes FATIHA is the girl in front of the mirror just now.


.my skinny jeans getting looser then before.

.that is the proved of this thing. this 'skinny' thing.

.oh, body, please keep growing~
*buat baik dengan saya ye..?*

.thinking of what makes FATIHA being like this..???

.thinking too much about her personal thingy.
*just only if I can share it with you guys, sigh*
.eat ten times only one time a day in the evening.
.*erk! i don't have the guts to eat more, friends, DO NOT FOLLOW this!*
.didn't drink much.
.sindrom malas ke dapur menuang air ke dalam gelas dan minum berleluasa, pun boleh kan..?
.missing all the loving people around me in UPM~
*of course they are my loving friends, it turns to YOU if you are my friends~*
.missing my roommates.
.missing my room and college.
*oh ye ke ye ke ye ke...???*

.last but not least. of course it is JUST because of YOU!
*miss miss miss, sigh.*

.see guys, so please don't be like me.
.wanna put a picture of me, but i guess, no need.


nota hati kecilku:
.seksa begini, andai kau tahu, mungkinkah berubah segalanya...???.hati tak akan sekali menipu perasaan itu~

2 contengan readers:

Darling said...

Helo2! I miss u more la! Sila amek lemak sy plissssss~

♥_♥cahaya fatiha♥_♥ said...

hullllaaa!miss kann.. hmmmm.. atooiiyyyaiiiii! lemak tak mahu, nak ec boleh..?


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