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Oct 22, 2011

what the HAISH with GOOGLE!


salam readers digest~!

hello hye my bloggie friends!!!!

how i miss my blog so much!!!

*hugs blog, EH! lappy ketat-ketat!*


sorry to dear friends whose waiting to read my new entri each day! really appreciate that!

*tak sangka ade jugak yang melawat blog tieha nie*


oke, quick update!
what with the title???

well, yesterday in the evening while am busy doing the blogwalking and commenting my friends blog, sis INTANs' blog, and few more friends, i remembered after visited JANNAHs' blog, i wanted to comment on ZUANs' blog, but i CAN'T!

OH my goodness! i was shocked and panicked of course!
i can't access my account.

then, i'd sent a message to google, and i close the wall commenting on ZUANs' blog.
this is means that i can't comment on any other blog that i wanted to visit next.

feel so sad, kept myself offline.
early in the morning today, i wanted to update one new entri, suddenly i can't access my blog. it stated that my blog doesn't exist anymore!
then, i was wondering alone in my room.
*ahh! how come this is happening to me now, dear GOD, i love my blog, give it back please dear GOOGLE..*


after asking few friends, and waiting and keep waiting, 
i then try to access again and verify my account.

after waiting again, i finally can access my blog back!!!!!!!!

*senyum sampai telinga tau*

done with the google story.

by the way, wanna know why i rarely update my blog recently..???

actually, i'm being busy with my few tests and FYP thesis.
well, i'd faced so many problems in making this FYP.
objectives and problems statement.
the difficult one is the JOURNALs related to my research.

any ideas about this anyone..???
let's share here!

p/s: please do pray for my thesis journey!

i'm on my midterm holiday,
but am here,
alone at UPM not at my HOME.
so SAD!

14 contengan readers:

collb9 said...

hahahah terus buat entry......

nub said...

den pon x balik jugak. eheheh

Anonymous said...

collb9! tau takpe. sentap!:)

Anonymous said...

nub!! same la! ehe! :)

Saiazuan said...

hmm google ad probs kot..

ave a save journey :D

Idzanfashila said...

patut lame ta nmpk tieha.

gudluck ya.

El-Janna said...

hehe semoga thesis yg tgh buat tu berjln lncr.. gud luck^^

ok its same goes to me. what haish~~

aMira~ said...

laa, kak teha pon tak balik ke? alolo ciannn dy.kawan dgn nub eh.haha

a little less conversation said...

machine translation? apekah? cara nak bercakap bahasa mesin ke pe ni? hahaha

Anonymous said...

eh Saiazuan!!! safe journey lah kaedahnye! ahaha! :) thanx yerr!

Anonymous said...

kan! thanx alot Idzanfashila!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

hey! thanx alot El-Janna!!! same goes to u too then! all the best! haish! =.='

Anonymous said...

hey budak kecik aMira~!!! ngeks! baik! tgh saing ngn nub gak nie ha! :)

Anonymous said...

a little less conversation!!! ahaha! sengal! ala! google translate semua tu!! ahaa! :)

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