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Sep 15, 2011

spontaneous THURSDAY~ (can you fix it???)


salam readers digest!~

typing without planning, great.


just hurt.


heart. yeah. heart.

sometimes i wonder why i have to get through over this situation over and over again.

well maybe, i didn't do well when am facing it, and GOD wanna test me more and more till i can make the right.

i've accept it.

but it is just hurt.

it hurts me a  lot.

not because this is happened to me,

but because this is cause by YOU over and over again~

i will always forgive you for that, because for me, whatever you do, you are right and i'm the one whose always wrong.

it is like a thousand times you will hear it from me.
but it so hard for me to hear you say that.
don't you noticed that hmm..???
hey! our friends always noticed that so do the outsiders.
can't you now see it crystal clear..???

yeah, i'm lying when am telling you that i'm okay.

the truth is i don't. won't be okay at all when i say it is JUST okay.

but i have to do it since i don't wanna make others worry me.

especially you. yes YOU!

i'm hoping that you know me well, accept me for who i am.

didn't take me for granted.

as i do accept who you are besides me.

when i say i do in whatever that i have to say or do, then, that's it. no others.

why shouldn't you understand me as before.

like before we got to know this close.?

i'm trying so hard hiding my hurting heart behind my smile, don't wanna you see it at all, cause one thing for sure, i do want you to be happy, not hurting like me when you are with me.

it hurts me a lot when they keep talking about all those bad things about you when they are absolutely wrong about it. still i'm taking over your heart softly with all the love that i've been given to you. trying so hard again and again to hide it from you. don't wanna make you get hurt as i do.

am IDIOT isn't it..?

for me nothing matter when i have to be so.

as long as you are trusting me, taking care my heart as i do taking care of your heart.

is it really hard for you to do so to me too..???

am asking you not too much, just wanna you to take care of my heart like before. 
 is it too hard..??


can't you see how important you are in my life..???
it hurts me so much this time.
how can you expect me not to cry...???

12 contengan readers:

Enol said...


intaq said...

ateh...saba no...mama pon skmo gdoh2 gni...last2 ok...;))

NANA said...

sakit nya tgk mata tuh T_T tak mau tgk T_T

p/s :: its hurt !!

Anonymous said...

Enol... its oke... :)

Anonymous said...

intaq~ hmmm..xau la mama.. T_T

Anonymous said...

NANApenah kot, tpi skit lgi hti yg luka~

Cik Domo said...

panjang nyee...hehehe

-✿Ayu✿- said...

plz... don't let "YOU" hurt u more...
nobody is perfect in this life... nor me as well...~~~ be urself and do whatever u wished for... i know u can do it dear~~~

idzanfashila said...

tu la d namakan air mata darah.
btw, chill dear.

Anonymous said...

duhai Cik Domo.. erk! kan. kiter mmg mcm nie kalu makan hati.pendam perasaan yang banyak2.. itu jadik entri tak terancang nie.. maaf ye amik masa kamoo.. =.='

Anonymous said...

-✿Ayu✿-~ T_T thanx.. kiter tak kuat. tak penah kuat. yang kita kuat, stu je, menjaga hati org yg kiter syg ngan org sekeliling kiter.. yang lain tak..

Anonymous said...

idzanfashila~ air mata darah nie best kan. huhu.. thanx dear.. am trying~ :)

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