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Mar 2, 2009

♥i miss him damn much!!!♥


heee... actually i got nothing to do... huhuu... so i'd edit a picture of mine.. heee.. in my room.. nothing to share with.. but just wanna.. erk.. dunno.. lalaaa.. feel bored and trying to keep smiling cause...

i miss my dear haikal damn much... i'd called him before i have my dinner... and he wanna like crying when i told him that i cant go back tomorrow.... he's so cute...

haikal: angah.. ujan x kat angah..???
me: ujan la cayang...
haikal: lebat x angah..??? angah takut x..???
me: angah takut r... adik tdur kt angah la ye..??
haikal: angah balik r.. haikal takut.. ujan sejuk..
me: oloo.. angah xjadi blik sok.. ade class la cayang...
haikal: *cry* bkpe x balik.. haikal rindu angah...
me: *trying to control my feeling* erm.. angah ade class adik.. kamis ni neh..
haikal: oloo.....:(
me: *speechless*

a few words with him make me miss him even more.. his my love.. his my life.. his my all... cant even live without him... GOD.. i miss haikal damn much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he's so cute.. his understand me not like others.. he know me even he is small.. he is really good... he is just 6 years old.. he smile more when i smile... he cry too when i cry.. he laugh when i laugh.. :( huuu.. miss adik... adik... adik... nk adik... it's just a fake smile of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hate it hate it... miss you adik....

2 contengan readers:

.dyanza.maya. said...

wahhh haikal ?
ilove tht name darl!
comeyy ajew korang
hhee ;DD

::cHeNta_tiEha:: said...

dear dyanN..
yup.. haikal nmenye..
ahmad fikri haikal.. comey kan.. kikikiiii.. :)

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