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Mar 7, 2009



1. Do you think you're hot ?
err... nope i guess... i'm just cute...hahaaa...

2. Upload a favorite picca of you .

3. Why do you like that picca ?
because i look so so cute ,kn..kn..kn..?? *tau mesti korang cakap x..* it's ok.. maintain cute..lalala... i dont care..:D

4. When was the last time you ate pizza ?
last year kot... xminat pizza...

5. The last song you listen to ?
when your gone.. avril lavigne..

6. What are doing now besides this ?
blogging and chatting..

7. What name would you prefer than this ?
i like my name!

tag tag ; jaa , zue , dinie , yanayeir , zie...

8. Who's num one ?
my bestie..

9. Num 3 is having a relationship with ?
my bestie with her beloved * boo_saiful...

10. Say something about num 5 ?
she's cute..

11. How about num 4 ?
she's cool..

12. Who's num 2 ?
my coursemate...she's schema..hee..:D

4 contengan readers:

.dyanza.maya. said...

wahhh sungguh lekas kamu blas sayan hee gud gud ;DD love you ~!

Anonymous said...

heheee... love ya too..:D

lekha said...

mengate saye yer....
putus ar kite...

Anonymous said...

dear lekha..
oke.ptus 1 minit..

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