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Mar 13, 2009

::♥::mother..why did i grow up..??? i wanna be your little daughter again and again.. or forever... can i...??can la..haish!!!::♥::


hurm... i wanna be my mother's cute little daughter again.. i wish that i could.. cause.. being a child is the best part after all.. cause.. small kids doesn't have any problems to think... can play anything that they want too... huhuu.. wondering about my memories as a cute little girl... my parent always bring my sister, my younger brother, and me.. to the beach.. batu buruk beach.. we always cycling all the way to go there..
*since my dad didnt have a car yet on that time..*
but trust me.. it's an unforgetable memories after all.. and there.. we can play anything that we want... swimming... running.. screaming.. and the best part is playing at the playground... i swear! i always remember that... and until now.. if i go to the beach.. i wanna play there again.. but i cant.. but.. but.. last few days.. i did play at the playground...the new one for me as i remember.. cause the old one had gone...and seriously... it was really happened in my life after a long long time.... playing without thinking that i'm a big big girl now.. not my mother's cute little daughter anymore... but i dont care.. cause i've been waiting so long...
*nak jugak nak jugak!!!;DD*
and there.. i keep playing and playing... lucky me cause on that time there were just a few childrens playing.. hee... and i'd joined them lol...;DD i was really excited to play this *sarang labah-labah* hee.. so.. you know what happened next.. hahaaa... so.. now.. just wanna let the pictures speak and speak!!!! enjoy everyone...
*saya suke amat jadi kanak-kanak... suke suke dan suke*

::at the playground.. wewe..here i come!!!!::
::in in fatiha in..::
go go go!!!
::heee.. i'm in already...::
*guys!!!its fix me..lalalalaa..*
~dont get me jealous~
::aucak!!!wah... bestbest::
::*ngek akdung* nie.. sukesuke::
::nk main ape lagi yerk..??::
~gonna miss this day~
eh.eh fatiha.. its ok fatiha.. you did play like your mother's little daughter again...
*oh.. really..??? heee..oke then.. smilesmile fatiha*

*i love being a kid*
how about you guys..???

12 contengan readers:

zanetti_be said...

takpe2.we are all children at heart

Anonymous said...

dear zanetti_be..
hee... dat's da fact!
oke oke..;DD

.dyanza.maya. said...

ehehe i like to being kid too best ape kan ? whenever jd kid ajew wahhh best tuhh ;DD wajahwajah keceriaan anda nampak sayang ;)

Anonymous said...

dear .dyanza.maya...

sep sep.. mmg best la darl!!!!
mmg sllu jd kid pn..
oh..wjh keceriaan terserlah...???

teman said...

love those pics...

so cute.. =)

Anonymous said...

dear teman...

~piNkylixiOuz~ said...

hey girl..
wake up..!!!
u r big now..u r 21..
u can make decision for urself already..
be a big big girl...

Anonymous said...

dear ~piNkylixiOuz~...
huhuhuuu..da wake up ni hah...
i'm a big big girl...of course..

maira.adreanna said...

saya kanak2 lagi LALALA :P

Anonymous said...

dear maira..
hehehee..mmg kanak-kanak...
sy pun..sep sep..

MiSs^iJa said...

fetty, makan byk sikit. hehe :p

Anonymous said...

oh ija..

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