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Mar 12, 2009

::dayOut with niSSa aNd haDa::


::8.50 p.m::
~last night~
i'd went out with my old old friends.. hahahaa.. nissa and hada..
*since we'd never spend time together after quite a long time*
haish! so.. we went out last nite..
destination: giant and batu buruk beach..
at giant.. waiting hada buying her thingy and waiting nissa's *secret* coming..
i've walked alone looking for.. errr.. nothing.. kakakakaa...
and then..
everybody are there.. so it's time to feed our belly.. heee..

and then.. 10.45 p.m, still early.. heee.. so we went to batu buruk beach.. and.. stop stop stop.. stare at the playground... there were just a few childrens playing.. so so.. heee... no need to guess what happened next.. cause.. of course i'd go there.. haha... :D
playing like a child with hada.. lalalaa...
*but but trust me there are another group of a matured guys playing too*
huhuuu...and then after that we went back..
in the car..

pictures... speak...
::in the car.. Out we gO!!!::
::giant here we come!!!::
::we are full.. out out::
::batu buruk beach here we come!!!::
*spot me.. heee..*
p/s: just two of us.. cause nissa had been kidnapped by someone.. ;DD:: at the playground::::errr.. blurrr!!!::
*taken by someone*::us us again.. clear!!!::
:: eNjoy!!!backback::

::oN oUr way baCk... cRazycRazyUs!!!!::
::chuBby faces of uS.. can can can right..???::
::3 happy faces of us!!!::
~nissa.. hada.. and me~

*thanx friends!!! i enjoyed last night!!!*
::till we meet again...heee...::

4 contengan readers:

zanetti_be said...

beronggeng di bandar ye.

Anonymous said...

dear zanetti_be..
hehheee.. suke suki bersama teman lama.. hahahha.. :D

.dyanza.maya. said...

wahhh seronok nye !!
hee mau join ne ;DD
bisa ?

Anonymous said...

dear .dyanza.maya...
mau...??jom jom... bile ye boleh ketemu darl..???

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