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Feb 21, 2009



huuhuuu.. since i was really bored today.. so I'd decided to keep myself online today.. hahahaa.. I'm supposed to sleep i guess.. but.. i cant.. I'm bored.. so.. there i go.. since we got to use this wifi.. I'd setting the room which is supposed to be like the room for us to do ironing and so on.. into this wifi room 4 my block... third floor.. * in the picture*hahahaa.. but i didn't wash the room yet.. not enough time lol.. maybe next time.. haish!!! out of the topic... forget it.. so.. here i'm.. online with nabilah.. whose interested to join me after I'd forced her to accompany me... hahahaa..:D thanx nabilah.. and.. and.. we are doing our own interest.. I'm sitting here on the floor.. chatting n blogging.. huhuuu.. bored...bored.. bored... haish!!!!!!!!!! erk... i think i have to stop here lol.. because.. got friends to have chat with... old old friend... huuuuu.. her name is hafiza...:D miss ya la.. okess... got to go... papai..


3 contengan readers:

.dyanza.maya. said...

online adalah terbaek
hee ;DD

~piNkylixiOuz~ said...

smngt on9 tuh..
ditgglkn kesunyian od..huhuhu..
xoxo =p

Anonymous said...

dear dyan..yup..da best..hehee..sep2..:D

dear ~piNkylixiOuz~ ...
mmg kesunyian aku..huhuuu...

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