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Feb 20, 2009



hahahaa.. wifi at uDm.. it's quite maju la.. caiyok uDm..
*aku da nak keluar baru ade.. ceh!!!!*
huuu... i was really excited.. kakakaaa.. xpun sebenarnye.. haaaa... but... since in was really bored.. so i'm ok la wit it.. now.. i'm waiting for the washing machine struggle to wash my clothes... haish.. so many la... and just now.. i'd finished my "bengkel sahsiah mahasiswa"...
*fill in my lapang2 time...*
it was really good at first... but in the evening it was just like they want to promote us to boycott ISRAEL... it was good to promote us that.. but i think it was not suitable to make it in that "bengkel sahsiah mahasiswa.." but.. well.. it's just my opinion.. huuuu.. guess what.. the first slot in the evening was making the A4 paper into a big circle... but before that.. we'd been divided into many groups... and my group's name was HEPTAGON... there were 7 of us in the groups... we struggle to make the circle.. patiently without any problems.. huuu..
*actually.. i dont know how to make it.. and i even dont know there was a game like that b4.. huuu..pity me..*
haish!!!!! but lucky me coz i know about it at last....:D

and and... you know what.. our group managed to make a big circle which 7 of us can get in.. but there was a group of 8 members trying to challenge us.. so.. we'd decided to fight with them... but.. our members were not enough... so.. we'd decided to ask helps from the facilitator to join us in the circle... there were 3 of them who joined us.. hahahaa..and and.. we managed to be in da circle... 10 members.... hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D and and.. with that.. we won the games of the day.. besides.. our group was also active.. agresive.. and many more... hahahahaaa..:D well you know me.. the most talkative person in the group.. fadh was also one of my members... go fadH!!!!!!!!!! :D we got this small hampers... but well..it's ok.. since the game was to us to be cooperative.. huuu...
*ape yang penting... kerjasama.... :D*
and..... to share with you my experienced during the day.. i was really enjoyed with the morning session of the bengkel... huuuhuuuu... it was about personality.. how is our own personality.. and we did this two inventory which were inventory personality sidek and inventory on colours.. and the dominan's result are.. i'm a ekstrovert person... which means... talkative... and i like to help people.. but... i'm full of this *kritik diri* i got 100% for that.. it was not ok! really bad.. i was unstable.. emotionally... physically.. and all lah!!!! haiya.... but.. it's true actually.. huuu... and as for the colour's inventory... i'm in a *blue* types of person... hah!!! it's not means ngarut2 tau.. well.. it' my dominan personaality..huu.. it means... i'm a romantic person.. loyal person.. friendly.. talkative... and many more... but i have many more bad too... huuu.. well.. nobody's perfect la cayam!!!! kan.. kan.. kan....???? hee... huuhuuu... i think i need to stop here.. wanna go to take my clothes la.. hee.. take care everyone!!!!! hallaluyyah!!!!:D

* share your smile.... :)*
~winky winky~

5 contengan readers:

zanetti_be said...

kire dah bersahsiah la nie ye.mahasiswi contoh la ekk..hahahha.harap2 la kan.biru ke mu?cheehh.warna bn.oppss.takleh politik sgt.takpe2 warna laut tue.laut lambang tenang.

Anonymous said...

dear zanetti_be..
hahahaaa..on the way bersahsiah weh..
well.. dont be suprised la seeing me after this...kakakaaaa..:D
uits.. memang biru tau... warna aku madam cakap..kikikiii... romantik tu.. tenang memang tenang.. tak leh lawan ar air laut tu...hahahaa...ha, nanti suh farah wat.. baru tau ape...hehehee.. neway.. aku rasa mung memang hijau la personaliti...orang berilmu kan.. huhuuuu..sebab jingga dop dah.. emas pun dop dah..hahahaaa..caya la... :) peace2!!!!

.dyanza.maya. said...

"apa yang penting KERJASAMA"
haha suke dgr tagline wonderpet tuh
act my kazen slalu nynyi ;)
*eh btl ke wonderpet ? hehe

wahh best kan berkecimpung
dalam bengkel yg bersahsiah tuh
chayok chayok ;DD

~piNkylixiOuz~ said...

hopefully kamu dh mnjadi seorg yg bersahsiah tggi..huhu =p
yes, ur bad is u MALAS MANDI!!!

Anonymous said...

dear dyann..
yup..hehee..btul la wonderpets.. dulu students yg ajr lagu tu..

dear ~piNkylixiOuz~ ......
uit! secret tue..haish!!!!!!!!!!!

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