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Feb 12, 2009



hahahaa.. starting from today, 12 feb until 14 feb... we have dis inter faculty futsal games..
haish!!!! so scared.. but since our team are OK..*kikiki..pasaN!* so.. go gals..

da members are...
our manager.. fadH..
n da rest..
ariNa raihaN..
n last but not least..
*naa.. it's me.. winky2.. :D*

n since we got a game dis evening at 5.15 p.m.. we'd decide to have a jog early in da morning today.. n we have had it juz now.. woke up early.. and at 7 we jog around the KUSZA campus.. but.. we jog without nabilah, zulaikha, n arina raihan.. coz.. i dunno.. huhuhuuuu... butt... i still jog wit da rest.... fuh!!! tired lol!!! but i'm proud of myself.. coz i'd jog n jog n jog n jog non-stop... :D it's kinda great things 4 me.. lalalaaaaa... n den after dat.. we took a break under the tree infront of our block! blablabla.. n then up into my room.. lalalaaa.. i had a short sleep.. n woke up again.. looking at jalilah n dinie prepared to go out.. n now.. dey r out.. without me.. huhuu.. :( but its ok.. i wanna rest.. lalalaaa...


hurm.... hop dat we can do our best dis evening...
i'll tell u more about it after da games.. n mybe wit some pics of da day.. juz wait... heee.. n n.. dont 4get to pray 4 my team... wish us da best!!! caiyok gals!!!!!!!!!!!

2 contengan readers:

.dyanza.maya. said...

futsal the bestt!
lovelove ;DD

Anonymous said...

hehee..yup2..best amat..sep2!!!!

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