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Feb 8, 2009

still about my atuk...


today..he'll be in the operating room again.. another operation to go.. coz.. on his first operation which was on Friday.. he got inner bleeding... so.. still... he have to go for another operation.. hop everything's fine... coz.. i cant visit him yet after yesterday.. coz.. i have to go back to the hostel cont my study.. i juz can pray from here.. hop dat evrything's fine.. no problem at all... since yesterday.. there were many of my relatives from outside of terengganu went back visiting atuk at da hospital.. n dat's make me worried.. it's juz like my atuk condition's is bad... nauzubillah... i hop it's not true.. coz.. atuk have to be strong.. n survive to keep alive... atuk... wake up.. we are all waiting for you... n instead of thinking dat my relatives are here coz of my atuk is sick.. i wanna think dat all my relatives went back here 4 a holiday... n visit my atuk like they alwiz do if they come back here.. not becoz of atuk is sick... huhuuuu... can kn..?? kn..??? kn...???

erm.. being at home yesterday make me a bit sad.. seeing my dad keep worried about his beloved dad who r sick... cannot eat much.. alwiz go to the hosp.. sleep there.. n all those things... he'd sacrifice evrything... dat's a prove dat he love his dad damn much.. n dont want his dad to go.. away from dis life... he's hoping his dad will survive... n get well soon.. very soon! atuk.. i hop dat too... erm.. n thinking of it.. make myself.. love abah damn damn much.. i love you abah! my abah is da best dad after all... i cant wonder wut will happened to me if my dad's sick! i dont want it to happened... dear GOD... protect my abah... n also his dad.. my atuk... erm... GOD... save my atuk... erm... till den..
*plz pray 4 my atuk's health.. dear frens..thanx.. :)*

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