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Feb 18, 2009

i need to prepare for.....


hurm.. since last nite i didnt start my study yet.. huhuuuu.. cant study.. my mind is still thinking of atuk.. i know dat i shud accepted da facts dat he ws gone.. but u know.. it's hard 2 accept it... but i'm still trying.. huhuuu.. i know dat i shud not really think about it coz i hve to spend my time more on study.. yeah! study.. i have to study 4 my test which i supposed to take yesterday... but i cant.. so.. i hve to take it after i'm going back 2 da hostel... dis sunday i guess... n it's all about meeting... huuuu.. GOD help me.. hopfully i can prepare 4 dat.. b still can do my best on it! caiyok fatiha!!!! u can do it!!! huuu... erm.... n instead of da test.. i also have to finish up my exercise on da resume 4 da BIC class... huuuu.. it's hard a bit lol... huuuu.. haiya!!! fatiha.. come on.. u can do it... huhuuu..

"ok2.. i can do it!!!!"
hurm.... n guess wut.. now i'm infront of da laptop.. laying on the floor in my room.. wit my cute litel bro... haikal... n my cute litel cousin's daughter.. farah who is from jB..
*dey r laughing at me n keep asking me many question...suddenly my cousin's daughter asked me...*
" mak ngah mak ngah.. nk hntar message kt kwn2 ek..??? pjgnye.."
heheee.. kiut kan.. she thought dat i'm doing texting through da laptop to my frens.. heee..
*well.. i'm writing dis post actually...*
how cute...:D

haish.. i think i wanna cont my study.. so.. got to go now.. papai evryone.. wish me luck on my test!

here is da pic of my cute litel bro n his anak sepupu.. farah... hahaaa.. cute kn.. kn.. kn...???

4 contengan readers:

.dyanza.maya. said...

be strong oke ?
focus ur stdy first
&& life must go on ;)

hee tht girl & boy so
cute la tieha
love them too ;DD

Anonymous said...

dear dyan..
oke dokie..i wil...

huhuuu..dey r damn cute..:D sep2!!!!!!

maira.adreanna said...

comelcomel :)

Anonymous said...

hehee..mmg amat sgt ter sgt la comel..kikiki..

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